Farewell to Hi-Fi Oats

OatsHiFiRolled72dpiHi-Fi Rolled Oats are an especially fiber-rich oat variety, containing about a third more of the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber beta-glucan than regular oats. They were developed by North Dakota State University scientists Doug Doehlert and Mike McMullen through years of plant breeding (not GMO technology). Grain Place Foods is the only organic grain manufacturer to get this oat to market, and on the conventional side it didn’t do much at the retail level.

oats_rolled_lrHi-Fi Oats are a patented variety.  Unfortuantely the owner of the variety was forced to sell.  We are unsure of the buyer, but they have put this variety on the shelf and, as far as we know, have no intensions of using it in the near future.  Our efforts to gain approval to grow and sell Hi-Fi oats were unsuccessful, so unfortunately we will not have them in the future.

Our Organic Rolled Oats are not a patented variety and will always be available.  They can be ordered online or by contacting us.


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