Closed Dec 24th and 25th

santaGrain Place Foods, Inc. will be closed Dec. 24th and 25th to give workers time with their families over Christmas.  We will be back to our usual schedule on Thusday the 26th.  Grain Place wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

Early Closing 2-4-14

Grain place foods will be closing today, february 2nd at 3pm due to winter weather conditions.

Please check for updates tomorrow as snow is expected to continue.  Stay home if you can and if not, drive safely everyone!

NSAS Conference in Kearney, NE Feb 14-15

Favorite 5 LRGrain Place Foods Inc. is going to the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society’s annual Conference Feb 14-15th!  Learn more about it!  We are excited to display our new packaging at the conference.

Every year we take preorders and deliver them at the conference.  If you are going and would like to order please email Marcy at or call (402) 854-3195.  Click here for our current price list.