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Organic Hulled Barley – Available online!
Organic Rolled Barley – Available online!
Organic Hull-less eBarley – Available online!
Organic Favorite Five™ Mixed Grains – Available online!

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Barley was the first domesticated grain in the world.  It is the fourth most cultivated crop worldwide, a widely distributed and highly adaptable cereal grain. It is also an important livestock feed and is used for malting in the beer industry. Barley is an important staple food in certain parts of the world, generally in places where other grains grow poorly due to high altitude, low rainfall, or soil salinity.

Barley has an historical reputation for building strength. Gladiators of the Roman Empire were called hordearii (barley-men), because barley was the staple of their training diet. A tonic made by soaking barley in water has been used in folk medicine to treat patients during convalescence. The fiber content in barley, especially the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber beta-glucan, makes this versatile grain an excellent addition to the health conscious consumer’s diet.

*Grain Place Foods is looking for farmers willing to utilize Regenerative Organic Certification practices in their farming operations to grow barley and ebarley. Find out more here.*

Hulled Barley

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AIHulled barley has only the outer husk removed, and is thus more nutritious than pearled barley, which has husk, bran and germ removed. Barley has a rich, nutlike flavor and chewy consistency that makes it a great addition to soups and stews. It can also serve as a side dish alone or mixed with other grains or as an addition to salads.  For a soft texture try adding 4 cups water to 1 cup barley, for a firmer quality use less water.

Rolled Barley

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AIRolled barley has a rich, nutlike flavor. It is used as a cooked breakfast cereal alone or combined with other cereal grain flakes, in granola or as an addition to soups. Grain Place Rolled Barley is processed in a way that increases digestibility, while retaining nutrients and improving storage quality.

Hull-less eBarley

eBarley is an ancient hull-less barley variety.  The difference between hulled and hull-less barley starts in the field.  Hulled barley or “covered barley” has a hull that adheres to the grain.  Hull-less barley or “naked barley” has an outer hull that’s loosely attached to the kernel so it generally falls off during harvesting.  This form of barley likely has slightly higher fiber content because it requires less processing.  Use hull-less barley as you would hulled barley.

Favorite Five™ Mixed Grains

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AIOur own top-selling certified organic wholesome blend of rolled oats, rolled barley, rolled wheat, rolled rye and hulled sesame seeds. Favorite Five™ is a high fiber, high protein and delicious way to power your day.

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Allergy statement

Barley contains gluten. Processed on the same equipment on which wheat and soybeans are processed and handled in the same plant where sesame seeds and peanuts are handled.