Contract Services

Combining the flexibility of a small company with sophisticated technology, Grain Place Foods offers many services to fit our customers’ needs. We work closely with food and pet food industry product developers to customize blends and new processes for their proprietary formulations. Our facility is designed to accommodate small lots needed for new product development without sacrificing production capacity for larger runs. Grain Place Foods’ facility is certified to meet AIB standards. We can process any non-GMO grain or products to meet your needs.

Grain Place Foods contract services include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Grain Cleaning
  • Specialty Packaging / Co-Packing
  • Private Label
  • Product & Process Development
  • Milling Services
  • Grain Color Sorting
  • Certified Organic Bulk Storage

Grain Place Foods prides itself on its ability to meet the unique needs of its diverse and ever-increasing customer base. We are ready to discuss new processing and formulation ideas with new and established customers.  We have built a reliable, stable and diverse producer base, and our grains can be traced back to the farm on which they were produced.  Food processors in natural, Non-GMO, organic and Regenerative Organic can be sure that Grain Place Foods is a reliable link in their supply chain.


Grain Place Foods is one of the oldest organic popcorn conditioning facilities in the Midwest. We have earned a reputation as a consistent and reliable producer of premium popcorn, grown consistently by proven, professional family farmers. We work closely with the best popcorn seed companies to ensure that it is current with the newest varieties. Selection is based on taste and appearance first – and then yield. Quality is not sacrificed for yield and higher profits. A portion of our supply is grown right here in a regenerative organic manner.