December 2021 – A letter from the President of Grain Place Foods

Dear valued customers and clients of Grain Place Foods,

I am reaching out today to share some information on the environment that Grain Place Foods currently finds itself. Our story is not unlike many other small companies navigating through these interesting times.

Staffing Struggles – We currently have a great group of dedicated staff. Many of us have been here for close to a decade, while others even multiple decades. However, the area of the country we live in is seeing some ongoing struggles when it comes to finding capable, motivated applicants and employees. Grain Place Foods is currently running a skeleton crew in our production areas. This is delaying the manufacturing of our products and pushing schedules weeks/months into the future from when originally planned. Like many other companies, we’ve raised wages, offered bonuses and have an attractive benefits package, but all to no avail.

Weather Events – As is always the case in the world of agriculture, we are at the mercy of “Mother Nature” when it comes to meteorological instances and weather trends throughout the country. This year, severe droughts in multiple states threaten to limit the availability of raw products. Many farmers who grow crops for us have called to say that their fields have basically “burnt up” and they will have little to no harvest to speak of. Other, more local farmers, had experienced sustained 80mph+ straight line winds.

Overall Market Volatility – Rapidly increasing transportation costs, domestic grain availability, increasing demand for organic grains and nationwide labor shortages are driving prices to go higher than we have seen in the last three to five years. This will translate to higher product and manufacturing costs from Grain Place Foods. It is our policy to adjust with the market – up and down – to provide our clients and customers the best quality products at the lowest price possible to get good, nutritious products into the hands of as many that want them.

We continue to operate believing our mission statement of “How your food is produced does matter.” Unfortunately, how your food is needing to be produced via Grain Place Foods will most likely take a little longer and cost a little more. So, please be patient with us as we do our best to provide you with the highest quality organic grains, beans and products that you have come to expect from us.


Christian W. Evans – President / Chief Operating Officer