Excerpts from Marie Vetter�s Grain Place Collection

Important Notes

Some of Marie’s recipes list shortening or margarine as ingredients. We do not recommend the use of these products because they contain trans fats. In most recipes, good organic butter or vegetable oil or a combination of the two can be substituted for shortening. High-oleic organic safflower or high-oleic organic sunflower oil are good oil choices because they are high in monounsaturated oils. One of our customers makes her own “better butter blend” by whipping one part softened organic butter with one part organic high oleic sunflower oil, which she uses in place of shortening in recipes.

A few of the Grain Place product names have been updated from Marie’s original recipes, and some products may, for now, only be available at The Grain Place (not available online yet). Rolled Oats or HiFi® Rolled Oats may be used wherever Rolled Oats are called for. We encourage experimentation with our rolled grains!