Marie’s Kitchen

marieMarie came into our lives at The Grain Place* in 1981 when she married Don Vetter. By profession she was a home economist, University Extension Educator, and judge for many a recipe contest. Grain Place employees were fortunate enough to be the daily beneficiaries of Marie’s baking talent. Coffee breaks here were legendary – not just to the staff, but also to friends and neighbors, customers and suppliers. They all quickly learned to time their visits to coincide with our coffee breaks.

One time a client family, while moving from the east coast to California, managed to drop in at just the right time in the middle of their trip! When break time came, Marie would drive up and honk the horn – and we’d respond like Pavlov’s dog, our mouths watering over whatever scrumptious items her basket held that day. Would it be cinnamon twists, blueberry buckle, or a new surprise? Perhaps it was someone’s birthday, when she’d make whatever the honoree requested. In the summertime, she’d sometimes add a tray of fresh veggies from the garden, with dips.

Marie was a treasure above and beyond the delicacies she provided. She had an unforgettable cheerful disposition and generosity of spirit, and was an outstanding educator. She has been greatly missed since her death in 1996. Fortunately, Carolyn Solander, The Grain Place office manager from October, 1991-November, 2005, saved Marie’s “The Grain Place Collection,” so we can continue to share her recipes and tips. We have selected a few of her coffee break favorites for “Marie’s Kitchen.”

*The Vetter farm was certified organic in 1978, and became The Grain Place, Inc. in 1979. Grain Place Foods, Inc. was created in 1987 to add grain cleaning, processing and storage facilities to serve organic farmers and specialty organic food distributors and processors. It is located at The Grain Place, as is our retail store.