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Spelt is an ancient and distant cousin of common wheat. It is popular in Europe, especially in Germany, where it is known as “dinkel,” found in a variety of foods, and in Italy, where it is used in gourmet soups, pizza crusts, breads and cakes. More recently it has gained popularity in the United States due to increasing demand for higher fiber pasta and cereals. Spelt is very similar to wheat but has a slightly nuttier and sweeter flavor – and it is higher in protein, fiber and B vitamins than wheat. It also has a higher water solubility, so is more easily digested. Some people with wheat allergies are able to better tolerate spelt, but it does contain gluten so is not suitable for anyone on a gluten-free diet. Spelt has a much tougher husk than wheat, and unlike wheat, which loses its hull when harvested, spelt kernels must be mechanically dehulled. It is thought that this impervious hull has its advantages, however, in that it protects the kernel from insects and pollutants, and safeguards it nutrients and freshness.

*Grain Place Foods is looking for farmers willing to utilize Regenerative Organic Certification practices in their farming operations to grow spelt.*

Hulled Spelt

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AIAn ancient and distant cousin of common wheat, spelt can be used just as you would use wheat. Spelt has a slightly nuttier and sweeter flavor, and is higher in protein, fiber and B vitamins, and is more easily digested. It can be ground into flour, or try cooked hulled spelt as a substitute for rice or potatoes, or add to soups and salads.



Rolled Spelt

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AIRolled spelt is a whole grain food that tastes slightly nuttier and sweeter than wheat, and is more digestible. You can prepare it for breakfast as porridge, for dinner in a quick, savory pilaf – or add to creamy soups and stews. Grain Place Foods Rolled Spelt is processed in a way that increases digestibility, while retaining nutrients and improving storage quality.



Spelt Flour

NEW WG stamp ver. 3.AISpelt is an ancient and distant cousin of common wheat, with a slightly nuttier, sweeter flavor. Spelt flour is a nutrient-packed whole grain flour (including the bran, endosperm and germ), with higher protein, fiber and B vitamin content than wheat – and is more easily digested. It can be substituted for wheat flour in all recipes; however, because it has less and more fragile gluten than wheat, it should be mixed with wheat flour in baking yeast breads.


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Allergy statement

Spelt contains gluten and is processed on the same equipment on which wheat, barley and soybeans are processed, and are handled in the same plant that handles sesame seeds and peanuts.