The cultivated sunflower is one of 67 species of the genus Helianthus – literally, sun flower – all native to the Americas. It has been cultivated for thousands of years, originally in Mexico and Peru. Sunflower seeds make a tasty and nutritious snack with a bonus of a significant dose of vitamin E, the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant. Sunflower oil, derived from sunflower kernels, is another valuable product from Helianthus.

Grain Place Foods offers the following Sunflower Kernels:

Organic Bakery Sunflower Kernels – Available Now!

Sunflower Kernels LROrganic Bakery Sunflower Kernels

A sunflower kernel is a sunflower seed minus the pericarp (shell). These are ready to enjoy raw, roasted or in a variety of recipes. Use them in granola, sprinkle them on salads, in breads…wherever you’d like a delightful nutty crunch and nutritional boost.  No sugar, salt or preservatives added, just the good stuff.


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Allergy Statement

These sunflower kernels are handled in the same facility in which wheat, barley, soybeans are processed and sesame seeds and peanuts are handled.