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“I have worked with Grain Place Foods for over 10 years. Dave Vetter and his staff have always provided excellent service and the attention to quality I require. As a buyer I have always appreciated the emphasis demonstrated by Grain Place on knowing who is growing their food and where it is coming from.”

Jim Hoover, Brand Manager
Multiple Organics
Oakdale, California

“The Grain Place was the first organic buyer we sold to when we began organic production in 1987. Twenty-three years later, why do we still go to Grain Place Foods first? Their prices are fair and their word is good.”

Paul & Dori Huenefeld
Organic Farmers
Hamilton County, Nebraska

“I run a catering business based in Marquette, Nebraska, and Grain Place Foods has enabled me to offer my customers an inviting selection of healthy, organic, quality whole grain menu choices. Over fifteen years of catering for the Grain Place annual farm tour has really broadened my circle of contacts in the local/organic food business – a great bunch to work with!”

Fayne Petersen, Chef
Creative Cuisine Catering
Marquette, Nebraska

“The recent addition of Grain Place Foods products to the offerings in my coffee shop in downtown Aurora, Nebraska, was a great decision. Dave Vetter made the process easy, with his always-positive attitude – and he has been open to any of my ideas and suggestions. I feel good about offering my customers the opportunity to add these organic whole grains to their diets, and encourage them to experiment and try new things. They’re catching on!”

Wenda Eckerson, Owner
Espressions Coffee Shop
Aurora, Nebraska

“We have been doing business with Grain Place Foods for as long as I can remember.
Among other products, we buy whole grain wheat, rye, barley, Kamut® wheat and millet from Grain Place Foods as well as lots and lots of rolled oats. We are always pleased with the quality of the products, and many of our customers say the rolled oats are the best they have ever tasted. All of the Grain Place personnel are friendly and pleasant to work with, their pricing and invoicing are reliably correct, and I have no hesitation in giving them the highest recommendation.”

Margot Conrad, Assistant General Manager
Open Harvest Cooperative Grocery
Lincoln, Nebraska

“I have worked with Dave Vetter for 25 years to help promote and encourage organic agriculture throughout America. He is a tireless and devoted worker for this cause. For the past 15 years I have done business with Grain Place Foods, which he and his family started and still operate. I could not ask for a better business relationship. Dave’s integrity and the fair and friendly service of his company is a standard for the organic industry which I wish could be mimicked throughout the nation.”

Bob Quinn, Organic Farmer
President, Kamut International
Big Sandy, Montana

“Whenever I’m visiting my sister in Nebraska I make sure to stock up on Grain Place Foods popcorn, quinoa and rolled oats. They’re the best I’ve found anywhere.”

Judy Hagge, Customer
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“My family loves Grain Place Foods Hi-Fi Rolled Oats. The texture is different than other oatmeal we’ve tried – it’s somehow creamier. We have it a lot for breakfast with a little brown sugar and cinnamon. (Sometimes we even have it for supper!) My kids especially like to make no-bake cookies with HiFi. Peanut butter, chocolate and oatmeal. What’s not to like?”

Amy Jones, Customer
Aurora, Nebraska

“I farm in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada and have worked with Dave Vetter and Grain Place Foods for over 20 years. It has been a great company to work with. Dave is always looking for ways to help the consumer and farmer in the organic industry.”

Kelvin Rutten, Organic Farmer
Carlyle, Saskatchewan

“Dave [Vetter] and his crew are real jewels to deal with. Their commitment to healthy food never waivers and they always keep their word.”

Andre Giles, President
Montana Flour & Grain
Fort Benton, MT

“Our goal at the Back Alley Bakery is to provide wholesome food using natural and organic ingredients from local producers and suppliers in order for us to be socially, economically and environmentally responsible in our daily practices. Having Grain Place Foods, our major supplier, ‘just down the road’ from us fits our mission to a ‘T.’ We are grateful for their superior products and service.”

Charlotte Hamburger, Co-Owner
Back Alley Bakery
Hastings, Nebraska

“I started using whole grain white wheat flour from Grain Place Foods for bread, but now I use it in all my baking. It gives my cinnamon rolls great texture and a nutty flavor that we really like. My homemade pizza crust tastes better and is better for us now that I made the switch, and I was surprised to find that my family prefers biscuits made with white wheat flour. It’s such a great product! I’ll never go back to plain white flour.

Shirley Snyder, Customer
Auburn, Nebraska

“I have purchased many of the Grain Place items and have been pleased with every one of them. We have used the chia seed, which is difficult to find, in nutritional drinks and really like it. The Favorite Five Mixed Grains is good and will cook in 3 minutes in the microwave. Even my granddaughter (17 months old) enjoys it with a little applesauce mixed in. The popcorn is an essential in our home! Grain Place excels in the quality of these products. After reading much about the quality of our foods in modern times, I am grateful to have a source that provides organically grown products, and the service is with a smile, too!”

Joyce Zook, Customer
Salem, Oregon

“Every morning without fail my family has a bowl of Grain Place Hi-Fi Oats. They are organic, great tasting, and good for you! We are so fortunate to have this available to us right out our back door. Thanks, Grain Place for providing excellent products.”

The Jasnowski Family, Customers
Aurora, Nebraska