Established in 1987, Grain Place Foods was one of the first farm-to-table organic operations in the northern Great Plains. We’re proud of the need to expand our plant to meet the steady rise in demand for our certified organic grains and seeds.



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All our products are USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher! Some of our products are in the process of qualifying for the Regenerative Organic Certified standards. Enjoy our whole grains and seeds that are good for you and the environment. Consumers can be sure that Grain Place Foods is a reliable place to find quality, organic products.

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The Power of Whole Grains

“Refined” grains can’t match the taste and nutritional quality of whole grain products like those at Grain Place Foods! Premium nutrition comes from consuming all parts of the grain – the bran, endosperm, and germ.

USDA Organic

Our products are USDA Organic, meaning that farmers and businesses have met strict standards for the growing, processing and handling of their products.

Certified Non-GMO

All our products were produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs.


Pareve food is neutral and perfect at any time or with any meal.

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Great people with a great mission! Seriously looking out for us and our planet.

John Hamburger

Popcorn and Soghum are good. Sorghum and popcorn are both gluten free and vegan.

Kassidy Kucera

WONDERFUL people and fabulous product! While I COULD get some of their products locally, I wanted to get my hands on all of what they had available to stock my winter pantry and freezer. One stop and done. The retail area is nothing more than a shelf inside the main door next to the office, but that's ALL they need. SO don't go expecting a large retail area, or destination shopping experience. Everything is fresh, beautifully packaged, and ready for cooking and baking. I am glad I made the drive, and kicking myself for forgetting the VANILLA! D'OH!

Caryl Bohn