Established in 1987, Grain Place Foods was one of the first farm-to-table organic operations in the northern Great Plains. We’re proud of the need to expand our plant to meet the steady rise in demand for our certified organic grains and seeds.



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Grain Cleaning

We ensure that grains are free from impurities and foreign material.

Specialty Packaging / Co-Packing

We can blend and package products to your specifications.

Private Label

We package products for your business with your specs.

Product & Process Development

We work with companies to bring viable products to the table.

Milling Services

We temper and grind grains so that it can be made into flours, rolled, or turned in to any end product.

Grain Color Sorting

We use state of the art color sorting to ensure consistency in grains.

Certified Organic Bulk Storage

We store bulk grains in our refrigerated warehouse in accordance with organic standards

Are you an organic farmer with grains to sell?

We are currently accepting

organic triticale

Craft Brewers - Rejoice!

Our flaked/rolled products are created using a micronizing, infrared process. Our grains are tempered prior to being processed (unlike the industry standard of just using steam). This tempering and infrared toasting process gives Grain Place Foods’ rolled products a richer flavor as well as lend themselves as the perfect match with craft brewers. We can’t give all our secrets away here, but using our flaked grains in your delectable brews is easier than using whole grains and provides certain benefits, too. All are sold in 25# bags with some in 1# bags as well.

Are you a brewery interested in organic grains for you brew?

Prairie Pride Brewery uses Grain Place Foods organic grains in their Islander and Ahh Shucks beers.  You can see all their great tasting beers here, or stop by their taproom located at 111 E South Front St, Grand Island, NE, 68801

Zipline Brewery uses Grain Place Foods Rye in their Barrel-Aged Rye IPA. This refreshingly hoppy ale and mellows the bitterness while adding oak and herbal spirit character. The rye maintains its brightness and serves as the ideal foundation for the gin-imparted floral notes.

We roll the following grains:

Ethiopian Barley

Hulled Barley



Short Grain Brown Rice



Hard Red Winter Wheat

Hard White Winter Wheat

Kamut Khorasan Wheat



Our Popcorn

Grain Place Foods is one of the oldest organic popcorn conditioning facilities in the Midwest. We have earned a reputation as a consistent and reliable producer of premium popcorn, grown consistently by proven, professional family farmers. We work closely with the best popcorn seed companies to ensure that it is current with the newest varieties. Selection is based on taste and appearance first – and then yield. Quality is not sacrificed for yield and higher profits. A portion of our supply is grown right here in a regenerative organic manner.

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