Established in 1987, Grain Place Foods was one of the first farm-to-table organic operations in the northern Great Plains. We’re proud of the need to expand our plant to meet the steady rise in demand for our certified organic grains and seeds.



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Organic Toasted Oat Groats


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Oat Groats are the least-processed form of oats. Only the hull is removed, groats retain the germ, the fiber-rich bran, and the endosperm. Oat groats are a good source of avenanthramides which have been shown to have high antioxidant activities. These nutty, chewy groats can be used as a hot cereal, or paired with kale for a tasty side dish. Try soaking oat groats for an hour to cut cook-time in half.

Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and 100% Whole Grain.

Processed in a facility that handles peanuts and processes wheat and soybeans.

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