Established in 1987, Grain Place Foods was one of the first farm-to-table organic operations in the northern Great Plains. We’re proud of the need to expand our plant to meet the steady rise in demand for our certified organic grains and seeds.



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Organic Yellow Dent Corn


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Corn, or maize, has been grown by native North and South Americans for over 7,000 years – the only major grain to have originated in the Americas. Today, corn is the second most important grain crop in the world after wheat, and is grown on every continent except Antarctica. More corn is produced in the United States than any other crop. The list of products that include some form of corn is endless, and includes foods for livestock and humans, biodegradable plastics, drugs, cosmetics and ethanol. Corn food products include sweet corn, popcorn, corn starch, corn meal, hominy, grits, tortillas and high fructose corn syrup (found in candies, soft drinks and baked goods).

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